Congratulations to the Award Recipients named at the 2021 South Carolina Solicitors’ Annual Conference!

Ernest F. Hollings Awards for Excellence in State Prosecution, General Sessions- Daniel Goldberg, 5th Circuit

Ernest F. Hollings Awards for Excellence in State Prosecution, Family Court – Christine Grefe, 14th Circuit

Ernest F. Hollings Awards for Excellence in State Prosecution, South Carolina Attorney General’s Office- W. Edgar “Ed” Salter III

John R. Justice Community Leadership Award – Derek Bulsa, 7th Circuit

Donald H. Holland Lifetime Leadership Award – Leslie “Jeannie” Abercrombie, 13th Circuit

Outstanding Service Award- Shadana Hembree, 7th Circuit

Victim Advocate of the Year- Merri Parker, 10th Circuit

The Honorable Marc H. Westbrook Excellence in Community Justice Award- Valerie Sullivan, 7th Circuit

Solicitor John R. Justice Prosecutor Scholarship Awards – 

  • Cassie Hall, 2th Circuit
  • Stephanie Taylor, 5th Circuit
  • Melissa McGinnis, 6th Circuit
  • Micah Black, 8th Circuit
  • Wilton McNeely, 9th Circuit
  • Walker Miller, 13th Circuit

Special Recognitions and Awards

  • Laura Hudson, Victim Advocate
  • David Stumbo, 8th Circuit Solicitor








What is the South Carolina Commission on Prosecution Coordination?

The South Carolina Commission on Prosecution Coordination (SCCPC) is a South Carolina state agency and criminal justice partner that serves the State’s 16 Circuit Solicitors and their offices. South Carolina has 16 judicial circuits, each comprised of 2 to 5 counties.

The SCCPC provides South Carolina’s Circuit Solicitors and their staff with legal education, and with technical, administrative and legal assistance. The SCCPC works with state, local and federal agencies involved in the criminal justice system, and is a resource for the General Assembly on a range of criminal justice issues.

Visit the SCCPC and our Programs tab for detailed information on the SCCPC and its programs.


What is a Solicitor?

South Carolina’s elected Circuit Solicitors are the equivalent of District Attorneys in other states. Solicitors are lawyers who represent the State in criminal cases. Click here to learn about the Circuit Solicitors who serve our State.

Find your Solicitor

South Carolina’s 46 counties are grouped into 16 judicial circuits. Each judicial circuit is served by an elected Circuit Solicitor. Click on the map above to find your Circuit Solicitor.