6th Judicial Circuit

Solicitor Randy Newman

6th Circuit Reviews Domestic Violence Fatality

On Wednesday morning, August 18, 2021, the Sixth Circuit Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committee met in the Grand Jury Room of the Chester County Courthouse to discuss the review of a criminal case with a domestic violence related fatality which occurred in Chester County in 2013.

Attending the meeting were: Sixth Circuit Solicitor Randy Newman; Sheriff Max Dorsey; Coroner Terry Tinker; Chester County Supervisor Dr. Wiley Frederick; Ms. Sandra Johnson, Director of Chester County Department of Social Services; Deputy Solicitor Candice Lively; Chester County Bar Association President Everett Stubbs; Sergeant Diane Watson, Chester County Sheriff’s Office Victim Advocate; and Kate Jackson Victim’s Advocate, Sixth Circuit Solicitor’s Office.  Other members include Chief Milton Sims and Victims Advocate Keesha Tobias with the Chester Police Department and SLED Lieutenant Kristen Grant.

The mission of the Sixth Circuit Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committee is to improve the coordinated statewide response to and prevention of domestic violence and domestic violence related fatalities in South Carolina through public education and training of those involved in identifying and responding to domestic violence.  The Sixth Circuit Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committee will work to identify and review domestic violence related deaths to recommend changes to laws, policies, and procedures, and to improve communication, coordination, and collaboration among state agencies to improve the statewide response to domestic violence.

Solicitor Randy Newman said that “increasing public awareness of domestic violence is one of the goals of the case reviews done by the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committee.”

“Developing a more effective database on domestic violence incidents is important for law enforcement and for the safety of the citizens of Chester County,” said Sheriff Dorsey.


6th Circuit Conducts Backpack and School Supplies Drive

The South Carolina Bar Association Young Lawyer Division for the Sixth Judicial Circuit recently held a school supply drive at the Lancaster County Courthouse. All Agencies in the courthouse contributed, including: Sixth Circuit Solicitor’s Office, Sixth Circuit Public Defender’s Office, Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, Lancaster County Probate Court, South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services, South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Lancaster County Clerk of Court’s Office as well as Circuit Court and Family Court Judges and staff. Other Lancaster County Bar members also contributed.

Assistant Solicitors Mike Burch and Luke Knight presented the school supplies to Principal Keisha Witherspoon and Assistant Principal Mary Beth Mize at Clinton Elementary School on the first day of classes, August 16, 2021. Assistant Solicitor Mike Burch is the YLD representative for the Sixth Judicial Circuit.




What is the South Carolina Commission on Prosecution Coordination?

The South Carolina Commission on Prosecution Coordination (SCCPC) is a South Carolina state agency and criminal justice partner that serves the State’s 16 Circuit Solicitors and their offices. South Carolina has 16 judicial circuits, each comprised of 2 to 5 counties.

The SCCPC provides South Carolina’s Circuit Solicitors and their staff with legal education, and with technical, administrative and legal assistance. The SCCPC works with state, local and federal agencies involved in the criminal justice system, and is a resource for the General Assembly on a range of criminal justice issues.

Visit the SCCPC and our Programs tab for detailed information on the SCCPC and its programs.


What is a Solicitor?

South Carolina’s elected Circuit Solicitors are the equivalent of District Attorneys in other states. Solicitors are lawyers who represent the State in criminal cases. Click here to learn about the Circuit Solicitors who serve our State.

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