About the SCCPC

The South Carolina Commission on Prosecution Coordination (SCCPC) is a South Carolina state agency and criminal justice partner that serves the State’s 16 Judicial Circuit Solicitors and their offices.

The SCCPC is governed by Sections 1‐7‐910 through 1‐7‐1000 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. The Commission’s membership is composed of the Chairmen of the Senate and House Judiciary Committees or their legislative designees, the Chief of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, the Director of the Department of Public Safety, a director of a Judicial Circuit Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI), a Judicial Circuit Victim‐Witness Assistance Advocate and five Judicial Circuit Solicitors appointed by the Governor.

The Executive Director and her staff carry out the mission of the SCCPC to improve South Carolina’s Criminal Justice System and enhance the professionalism, effectiveness and efficiency of South Carolina’s Circuit Solicitors and their staff by providing training, continuing education programs, administrative and programmatic support, and technical legal assistance for the Offices of Solicitor; by collecting, analyzing and distributing meaningful criminal justice data; and by collaborating with and assisting the General Assembly as well as federal, state and local criminal justice partners.

The SCCPC provides the Circuit Solicitors and their staff with legal education, as well as administrative and technical assistance. Additionally, the SCCPC gathers and reports criminal justice data from the Circuit Solicitors, distributes loan forgiveness awards through the John R. Justice Loan Forgiveness Program, works with other state, local, and federal agencies involved in the criminal justice system, and is a resource for the General Assembly on a range of issues.