SCCPC Trainings & Education

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COVID-19 NOTICE:   At this time, the SCCPC is offering virtual trainings in place of in-person trainings.

The South Carolina Supreme Court has ordered that South Carolina lawyers and judges may earn all or any portion of the CLE credit they are required to obtain for the 2020-2021 annual reporting year through online or telephonic programs. 


The SCCPC provides trainings and education for the Offices of Circuit Solicitor for all prosecutors, as well as law enforcement, judges, diversion coordinators, victim advocates and others. Each training is tailored to the positions, responsibilities and experience of the participants. Scroll down for information on the types of trainings the SCCPC offers, and click here to view upcoming trainings.


To register for a training or for additional information, email Jennifer Aplin at

Annual Trainings

Among the trainings offered, the SCCPC hosts an annual five-day Prosecution Bootcamp program. The Prosecution Bootcamp is offered to prosecutors with two or less years of experience to provide them hands-on trial experience. Additionally, the SCCPC partners with the Solicitors’ Association of South Carolina to host the annual Solicitors’ Conference. Every training the SCCPC conducts is accredited by the Supreme Court of South Carolina Commission on CLE and Specialization, South Carolina Bar, South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, and/or Department of Crime Victim Services Training, Provider Certification & Statistical Analysis. The conference hosts over 600 state and local prosecutors and prosecution staff members. The conference provides trainings on a range of criminal justice topics.  

For a list of upcoming trainings, check out our events page or email Jennifer Aplin at

TSRP/Law Enforcement Trainings

The Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP) is a grant-funded position through the Office of Highway Safety within the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, and funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators. The TSRP is an attorney who serves as a coordinator of highway safety issues between and among criminal justice disciplines in the detection, investigation and prosecution of impaired driving enforcement. For information about trainings, contact Sara Lee Drawdy, TSR prosecutor.

Victim Advocate Trainings

For information on Victim-Witness Assistance Advocate trainings, email Jennifer Aplin at

Diversion Coordinator Trainings

For information on Diversion Coordinator trainings, email Jennifer Aplin at