The South Carolina Commission on Prosecution Coordination gathers and reports data and information for the benefit of the General Assembly, Circuit Solicitors, other criminal justice agencies, and the public. The SCCPC generates a total of fifty-one reports on an annual basis. The criminal justice data the SCCPC collects from the Offices of Circuit Solicitors promotes public awareness, empowers data-driven decision making, and enhances Circuit Solicitor awareness of and ability to address issues in their jurisdictions.

Accountability Report

FY 22 Accountability Report

FY 21 Accountability Report

FY 20 Accountability Report

FY 19 Accountability Report

Domestic Violence Dispositions Report

FY 21 Domestic Violence Dispositions

FY 20 Domestic Violence Dispositions

FY 19 Domestic Violence Dispositions

DUI Dispositions Report

FY 21 DUI Dispositions

FY 20 DUI Dispositions

FY 19 DUI Dispositions

Fines and Fees Report

FY22 Fines and Fees Report

FY 15-FY 21 Solicitor Court Fee Funding

FY 21 Fines and Fees Report

FY 20 Fines and Fees Report

FY 19 Fines and Fees Report

Solicitor Revenue and Expenditure Report

FY 21 Circuit Solicitor Revenue & Expenditure Report

FY 20 Circuit Solicitor Revenue & Expenditure Report

FY 19 Circuit Solicitor Revenue & Expenditure Report

Other Reports, Documents, Standards & Guidelines

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FY 22 Combined Statewide Summary and Circuit Reports Solicitor Revenue & Expenditures

FY 21 Combined Statewide Solicitor Victim Services Financial and Programmatic Report

Batterer Intervention Programs

2019 SCCPC Protocol for Solicitors’ Circuit DV Fatality Review Committees – Reaffirmed 092419

Combined Circuit Rosters & Reports – 2020 DV Fatality Review Committees