SCCPC Criminal Justice Training

The SCCPC provides frequent trainings for the Offices of Circuit Solicitor and their staff, and for other criminal justice professionals including law enforcement officers and magistrate judges.

The SCCPC tailors its criminal justice trainings to the needs and experience of its audience, whether prosecutors, paralegals, investigators, victim advocates, diversion program staff, and/or administrative staff.

Annual Trainings

Among the trainings offered, SCCPC hosts an annual five-day Prosecution Bootcamp program. The Prosecution Bootcamp is offered to prosecutors with two or less years of experience to provide them hands-on trial experience. Additionally, the SCCPC partners with the Solicitors’ Association of South Carolina to host the annual Solicitors’ Conference. The conference hosts over 600 state and local prosecutors and prosecution staff members. The conference provides trainings on a range of criminal justice topics.  

For a list of upcoming trainings, check out our events page or contact our training team.